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# Merchant Application Instructions

Page 1

The first section of "business information" on both sides must be completely filled out. The same with partner/ownership information. It is appropriate to put at least 2 trade references at the bottom of page 1.

Page 2

On the top of page 2 you must include:

  1. highest transaction amount;
  2. average transaction size;
  3. monthly volume (it is advisable to increase the largest month 20% in monthly volume to provide room for growth).

Also on top of page 2, DO NOT CHECK ANY BOXES where it says "other card types" and in the "accept all mastercard, visa, discover and American Express Network transactions" section as it's presumed they will accept all. If a box is checked in this area it means they WON’T accept it. They only variable in the rest of the document will be pricing (which we will determine prior to agreement execution) and gateway (which merchant will indicate to us as to which they prefer). Typically, PATH81 will complete page 2 prior to agreement execution.

Page 3

Please take a digital picture of exterior, if applicable for business. There will be many instances where it is a virtual business and this will not apply. We put our name, sign and date at bottom of the Site survey section. At the bottom of the page the merchant is to sign, date and print their name on BOTH areas at bottom of page of "Merchant Acknowledgements, warranty and Acceptance.

Required Documents

Incomplete files will not be processed. The following items are required at a minimum for all applications for US Corporations:

  • Signed and completed application
  • Valid US government issued photo ID (Driver's License or US Passport)
  • Business License
  • Voided Check
  • All US Corporate Documents (valid and current)
    • IRS Form SS-4 (EIN) for ALL ENTITIES, without exception
      May be an online form from Dept. form Treasury/IRS OR a formal form SS-4 Letter. Either is acceptable.
    • LLCs
      • Certificate of formation;
      • Certificate of good standing;
      • Articles of Organization;
      • Operating Agreement;
    • Corporation (S or C)
      • Articles of Incorporation;
      • Corp Resolutions and Minutes;
      • Corporate Bylaws;
      • Corporate Minute Book/Certificate Book;
      • Certificate of Good Standing.
  • 6 months Processing Statements
  • 3 Months Bank Statements
  • Current Financials (including prior fiscal year)
  • Photo of exterior of location, unless it’s a virtual storefront with no offices
  • Copy of checkout page and access to checkout page
  • An admin login to ecommerce website
  • Fulfillment center (who is handling shipping of goods), where applicable

How to Submit

Please email completed applications, questions, or related requests to merchant.applications@path81.com. If you would like to use a dropbox or google drive share, please send a request and we will return you details.